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Anna Maria Baldauf, co-chair 


Zane Dodd, co-chair

Asli Baz   

Laura Captari  

Eelena Cucco

Marie Hansen

Adam Hinshaw  


Bradley Johnson 

Alicia MacDougall

Shelley Marfori  

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Melissa Rappo

Ashland Thompson 


Welcome to the official website of Division 39's Graduate Student Committee. We hope that you will find tons of resources and interesting things related to the world of psychoanalysis. Here on our homepage you will find news, articles, quotes, and other relevant posts.

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Proposals for the 2019 Division 39 Annual Spring Meeting in Philadelphia PA, are now being accepted! Submissions are due September 7th 2018. View the Division 39 Annual Spring Meeting Website for more details!

Click on the announcement below to download the paper guidelines for the Psychoanalytic Center of Philadelphia's Black-White Institutional Racism:  Implications for Graduate Education and Mental Health Training Call for Papers:


Diversity Subcommittee

Chair:  Ashland Thompson

The diversity subcommittee is a new subcommittee, formed in response to growing awareness of, and interest in, diversity among psychoanalytic students and clinicians. The purpose of the Diversity Sub-committee is to promote a lifelong process of self-reflection and critique, continuous analysis of power dynamics, and the development of mutually respectful relationships. The subcommittee seeks to magnify the voices of marginalized individuals and communities, by engaging psychoanalytic theory with current issues of diversity, and applying psychoanalytic methods in a culturally informed way to therapeutic practice. We aim to integrate aspects of multiculturalism throughout division 39 (i.e., reading groups of multicultural book/chapters, partnerships with other committees, partnerships in local chapters), and understand how division 39 members experience issues of diversity.

Media Subcommittee

Chair:  Alicia MacDougall

The media subcommittee aims to reach out to students through media outlets (social, video, etc.). Our goal is to provide graduate students with resources on events, lectures, reading groups, and other forms of education as a way to expand the presence of psychoanalysis in the graduate student community. Our confidence is that by making psychoanalysis accessible, we are also influencing a new generation of clinicians to expand upon and advance its theory and practice. Through forum discussions, lecture sharing, interview groups, and reading groups for graduate students, our hope is that we will provide graduate students with a safe environment that will facilitate their exploration of psychoanalytic thought and the formation of new, lasting relationships with peers. 

Meetings/Outreach Subcommittee

Chair:  Laura Captari

The meetings/outreach subcommittee aims to increase graduate student engagement. We coordinated the Crash My Couch program to make it more financially feasible for 11 students to attend the annual Division 39 Spring Meeting. We also host an informal gathering to help Graduate Student Committee scholars get to know each other at each spring meeting. Our major initiative this academic year has been launching the Division 39 Campus Rep program. To date, we have established Campus Reps at ten universities across the country. These individuals have committed to taking an active role on their campus to promote training in and awareness of psychoanalytic modalities through a range of activities (e.g., discussion/reading groups, movie screenings, inviting students to join Division 39 and/or attend the spring meeting, etc.). Campus Reps share ideas with each other through a private listserv, and meet at least once a semester with our subcommittee. We believe that this “grassroots” approach will facilitate greater involvement of graduate students at a key point in their professional development.

Research Subcommittee

Chair:  Albert Pace

The Research subcommittee is a new subcommittee. The formation of this subcommittee was designed to address the growing concerns over a lack of psychoanalytic research. Through fostering graduate student interest in empirical research, the Research subcommittee hopes to bolster the empirical future of psychoanalysis. Additionally, the Research subcommittee hopes to connect graduate students with senior members of Division 39 who are already involved in psychoanalytic research and scholarship.

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