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Dr. Melania Anna
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Professor of Logics and Philosophy of Mind
Melania Anna Duca-Canavan, PhD is a Complementary Medical Association Fellow Member registered private practitioner working in Lisburn (NI), United Kingdom. She's also an Italian University Professor of Logics and Philosophy of Mind. She has published many books and papers, directed and attended various international conferences. In 2015, Prof. Duca-Canavan was awarded an important Italian recognisement: "Excellence in Medical History Research" for having discovered the first theorisation of a "moral therapy" applied in the early 19th century to treat mental illness. She's also Founder and CEO of the MC International Events Planning Limited and Director of its Foundation for the Experimental Research and Development on Social Sciences and Humanities. As an ex athlete and Biocentric Psychoanalyst Dr. Duca-Canavan is currently working on a project called "Equibridge" involving European Equestrian Societies and local facilities in order to apply the behavioural science know-how to sport performance improvement. Among her patients, whose names are obviously covered by professional secrecy, we find also a few signatures of the international sport world.

Areas of expertise: traumas, stress, eating disorders, relationship counselling and therapy, marital and family therapy, group therapy, homo/bisexuality, smoking cessation, weight loss, self-improvement, sport performance improvement.

Methods: biocentric psychoanalytic psychotherapy, variations of: CBT, DBT, REBT, HT, equine assisted therapy, virtual reality therapy.

Copyrights and trademarks: PAP - Psychoanalysis for Athletic Performance ; Biopsysis - Biocentric Psychoanalysis ; Psylysin .

Dr. Duca-Canavan generally does not treat psychiatric disorders with the exception of a few specific syndromes such as Borderline Personality and Asperger disorders, exclusively as an additional support to a regular and well documented psycho and pharmacotherapy.

Insurance Policies No: ZUR-CMA/17/04/215-BQBTFFX ; IICT/DUCAME1/18.

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6, Hannahstown Road
County Antrim
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BT28 3TB
United Kingdom


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PhD in History of Science - Forensic Medicine ; Psychoanalysis Dip. ; Criminal Psychology Dip. ; Forensic Science and Profiling Dip.
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2015 ; 2017 ; 2018 ; 2018
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  • English
  • Italian

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  • Young Adult
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  • Forensic
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International associations I belong to:

International Biocentric Psychoanalysis Institute (Head)
International Neuropsychoanalysis Society
International Society for the History of Medicine
Complementary Medical Association, UK
Centre for Crime and Justice Studies, London
Italian Society for Logic and Philosophy of Science
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